Rashad Hasan

Co-Founder, FSP Consulting Inc.

Community Partner

Rashad Hasan is a Los Angeles born native currently residing in Palm Beach, Florida. With over 15 years of financial, project, operational, and systems implementation management experience, Rashad brings a hybrid and dynamic skill set to the FSP Consulting Management Team. His experience spans across a host of industries including Manufacturing, E-business, Research & Development, Service, and Government Contracting. He has led more than 35 full scale Oracle Financials Implementations in more than 25 countries worldwide. Additionally, Rashad brings a wealth of international operations experience, having held senior Financial Management roles in the US, Brazil, and Mexico. He exemplifies a rare combination of insight, resourcefulness, creativity, and motivation to deliver practical and scalable solutions in lieu of complex business and cultural environments. Combined with a diverse global operations experience and a deep knowledge of Oracle Applications and Implementation methods, Rashad provides a unique balance and service to his clients.

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